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The Charm of Isaan Life

Tour code : WT. GR 04
Duration :4 days 3 night,
Type of tour :Private Tour
Start and end : in Bangkok
Minimum passengers : 2 persons
Trip Grade: easy
Activities: Community based tourism, city tour by tricycles, forest hiking


Day 1     Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat)

08.00    Depart the hotel and proceed to Baan Prasat Community Based Tourism Community. Stop for local fruit at the market at Baan Klang Dong.

11.30    Arrive at Baan Prasat. Enjoy lunch, cooked by the community.

13.00-15.00     Visit famous local archeological sites. Your local guide will also take you to see silk weaving, local reed products and survey the home stays.

14.30   Depart Baan Prasat  

16.00   Check in at Dusit Princess Hotel. Free at leisure.

17.00  Hotel inspection and learn about their interesting green projects, including an organic vegetable plot tended by the hotel staff.

18.00  Depart the hotel to  Khun Ying Mo’s Monument, situated in front of the old gate of "Pratu Chumpon" on the west side of the city. This monument was built in 1934 to commemorate the heroic deed of Khun Ying Mo. Then take a tricycle for the city tour and on to the restaurant for dinner.

19.00   Dinner at a local restaurant and transfer back to Dusit Princess Hotel.

Day 2     Pimai Sanctuary – Korat Fossil Museum

08.00     Visit  the local morning market for 30 minutes where you can learn about local people’s life. Then visit Prasat Hin Pimai which is the largest sand stone sanctuary in Thailand , situated in the center of ancient Pimai city. Its architectural style closely resembles Angkorean buildings, and having been built before Angkor Wat some believe it may have been the model for Angkor Wat.

12.30    Lunch at local restaurant.

13.30    Visit the Korat Fossil Museum where you will be amazed by ancient Petrified wood, Ancient Elephant and Dinosaur fossils. Then continue to Macchada Thai silk factory at Pak Tong Chai which is a very famous district for good quality hand woven Thai silk. You can see all the processes of making Thai silk here.

19.00    Dinner at delicious Dadad restaurant, fusion style Isaan food and transfer back to Dusit Princess Hotel.

Day 3       Elephant Conservation Center Life Park

08.00    Visit the Elephant conservation Center . Enjoy learning about elephant’s life and elephants via Khao yai National Park and ride on the elephant’s back for 30 minutes.

12.00     Lunch at the local restaurant.

13.00    Check in at Greenery Resort. Then enjoy adventurous activities at Life Park , Greenery Resort.

19.00    Dinner at a hotel’s restaurant and transfer back to The Greenery Resort.

 Day 4      Khao Yai - Nakorn Nayok - BKK

08.00      Visit Khao Yai National Park , a World Heritage Site because of its rich  biodiversity.  Stop at the visitor center to learn about the Park. Enjoy trekking from Pa Kluay Mai Waterfall to Heaw Suwat waterfall which is about 3 kilometers . You will see many different kind of tropical forest flora and fauna enroute. If you’re lucky you may see a crocodile.

12.00   Lunch at the park’s restaurant.

13.00   Visit Heaw Narok waterfall which is the biggest waterfall in Khao Yai. Then go back to  BKK.

18.00    Arrive BKK. Safety.

Service and Sustainability Highlights … In Charming Isaan

  • Baan Prasart is a typical north-eastern Thai rice farming community, full of ‘Isaan’ charm and good humour. The people still live a traditional life, marking time by the changing seasons, and vibrant Buddhist festivals.
  • The Baan Prasart Homestay was established in 1993, following the exciting discovery of three archeological sites dating back 2,500 to 3,000 years.
  • Learn to make hats, bags and other souvenirs. Textiles enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the silk and cotton weaving group. Music lovers can head for the Thai classical instrument group, where soprano and alto fiddles are crafted by hand
  • PATA GOLD AWARD in 1994 and an ASENTA GOLD AWARD in 1996.
  • The villagers grow vegetables to serve tourists in home gardens. This helps to reduce villagers’ expenses while increasing income by providing food.
  • Community members work closely together with the local school, contributing income from tourism, training students as ‘youth volunteers’ to provide guests with information about the local historical sites, and participating in the programme.
  • The people of Baan Prasat have often used income derived from tourism to offer free hospitality to study groups in order to make a contribution to Thai society.
  • Baan Prasat is a great destination for families. Children experience a mixture of history, culture, arts, crafts and real life experience, outside the classroom.

  • Thailand’s first national park — a national symbol for conservation
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized as a hotspot for biodiversity
  • 2168 square kilometres of lush forest that is home to over 320 bird species, 70 species of mammals, 20 species of big mammals, 70 species of reptiles, 2000 species of plants. Five distinct natural habitats including dry evergreen forest, dry deciduous forest, tropical forest, hill ever green forest and grasslands.
  • Popular for camping, hiking, wildlife watching. There are over 50 kilometres of marked routes. One may see wild elephants, gibbons, hornbills.
  • Watershed area for five rivers, including the Prachin Buri, and Nakhon Nayok rivers.
    Many green food and accommodation options

Web site: http://www.thaielephants.org
  • Founded to enhance the participation of Thai society in the protection and conservation of Thai elephants, to be part of Thai society forever
  • Enabling public participation in elephant conservation through education, awareness raising and encouraging positive action
  • Conservation of Thai elephants through interdisciplinary research and use of traditional local knowledge
  • A small attempt to help the ‘streets elephants’ and their mahouts to have better life conditions here and now, at the same time bringing them to work together towards elephant conservation and awareness raising among stakeholders

  • This amazing museum was initiated by the King of Thailand, and shares some of Thailand’s most ancient history with local and foreign guests.
  • Highly creative presentation ideal for nature enthusiasts, families and students
  • See huge dinosaur fossils, including ancient mammoths
  • See prehistoric life and the relationship between people and the earth
  • Petrified wood, including massive tree-trunks discovered on the Khorat Plateau
  • The museum subsidizes school visits — only 10 Baht / person (25 cents).
  • Received an ESCO Project Award 2009 by Excellent Energy International Co., Ltd (EEI), the award given to business institutions which are successful in energy conservation using the ESCO system
  • Thai traditional service from the heart, with modern Thai style
  • Excellent facilities, including meeting rooms for seminars and conferences
  • Organic farm in the hotel, raising earthworms to help maintain soil quality
  • Help to clean the rivers in the city; working to conserve energy
  • Tree-planting days for hotel staff
A fusion of nature and action-adventure
  • Near Khao Yai National park with scenic views and a big tropical garden
  • Organic restaurant — Isaan and fusion foods by using home-grown vegetables
  • 23 adventurous activities including ballooning, G-Swing and Zorb
  • CSR activities with the local community and in Khao Yai National Park

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